It’s a Question of “Who”.

There is a lot of talk today about being missional. But what does that mean? If a church group does an outreach once a year, does that make them missional? If a church gives $10 to a missionary during the course of a year, does that make them missional? Categorically,... read more

Blinded by History

The Reformation Era has left us in an interesting place. Exactly 500 year ago Martin Luther posted his 95 “protests” on the Wittenberg door, and with that the “protestant” movement was birthed. Here we are five centuries later, and we have been in protest... read more

Jesus’ Dinner Table

We live in a day that holds deep assumptions about the way church is done. We assume exclusive religious spaces, teaching-centric gatherings, congregational liturgies, and musical worship experiences. The reformers gave us these ideas of church five hundred years ago, and we have become serious disciples of their ways. Interestingly, this approach is not found in the scriptures, nor is it how church was done for the first three hundred years of Christianity.

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